Rainbow world

A period of life, life on earth, to do one thing

一段人生 存活在世 做一件事

Not sad can't hate can't regret

不能悲伤 不能厌恶 不能遗憾

A love with wisdom to

有着爱心 有着智慧 有着才能

A mad youth blood may get lonely fear

一段疯狂的青春热血 或许换来无奈 孤独 恐惧

When looking at the black clouds group constantly changing cloud like continuous technology innovation program source code

当仰望乌黑云团 不断变幻 云宛如不断的创新技术程序源码

Heavy raindrops keep falling is the overwhelming endless code

密密麻麻的雨滴 不停滴落 定是那铺天盖地永无休止的代码

The rain beat the thunder roar of fear and the surging heart hiding from the rain get in by every opening like desperately chasing away the data flow

雨水拍打 雷霆怒吼 恐惧而澎湃的心 躲避着无孔不入的雨 像拼命追着逃跑数据流

The withered leaves of dawn the rain stopped calm only linger breathing

天明了 雨停了 心静了 仅仅剩下苟延喘息的残枝败叶

As if all this is how desolate eyes slightly overlooking the horizon shows the brilliant rainbow

这一切仿佛是多么的凄凉 目光微微眺望 天边浮现出无限光辉彩虹

A rainbow is like the smiling face slightly wind Fudong green leaves waving to you maybe hand

弯弯的彩虹极像是那张在笑的脸 微微的风拂动着绿油油的树叶 向你招手 也许挥手

Slowly this mapping color face transparent disappeared and left it hanging in the horizon of the sun.

慢慢的这张映照彩色的脸 透明的消失了 只剩下那挂在天边光彩的阳光

The seven colors of rainbow compose different Warsong dawn wait this bloody hero

彩虹的七色谱写不一样的战歌 黎明再等待这浴血的英雄

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